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My Photo Albums

A whole bunch of photos for your viewing pleasure

Crystal Explorations V2

More fun with iceMore fun with ice: After having noticed that a lot of people really enjoy these pictures, I decided that three years was enough time to rest on the original results, and it was time to make some more. So, this is the best of that set. It's a growing body of work, so check back often for more. The mechanical setup is much better this time, and so the clarity is a lot better this time. They should all be okay for printing, so let me know if you want a canvas or print. Hope you enjoy these too.

Crystal Explorations v1

Original series of ice photographsOriginal series of ice photographs: Bright colors and abstracts.

Basement studio pictures

Where I do my best workWhere I do my best work: In a dark room with lots of metal bars. The pictures here give an idea of the studio hardware setup I use at home. No models and stylish shoots here. This is all about stability and taking pictures of very small things that are difficult to photograph.


Holidays and other events with family and friends

Northern California Road Trip

Driving Ms. MoniqueDriving Ms. Monique: In December 2011 and early January 2012 I drove Monique down to San Francisco area and back. Wow that fun that was!

Microsoft Giving Campaign 2011

Photos taken on some recent beautiful days near Seattle and Mount RainierPhotos taken on some recent beautiful days near Seattle and Mount Rainier: Fine-Art Prints of these images are being offered for the Microsoft Giving Campaign 2011. These are all high-resolution images that show stunning detail and clarity, and evoke the beautiful character of our Pacific Northwest. Perfect to hang on your own walls, and especially as holiday gifts for your loved ones, they are printed on museum-quality papers. Framed under glass, the paper and inks are rated for 80+ years light-fastness. These signed prints are sized for use in a 24x18 inch frame, and include simulated mat and caption. They were captured and printed especially for the Microsoft Giving Campaign 2011 by Thom Randolph (thomr@microsoft.com).

BMW Lake Chelan Wine Tour, 2011

BMW CCA Puget Sound; Lake Chelan Wine Tour, 2011BMW CCA Puget Sound; Lake Chelan Wine Tour, 2011: A truly wonderful weekend of driving, friends, great wine and food. The weather cooperated for the most part, with just a little rain Sunday morning. A big thanks to Dane, our leader, and all the others who helped. A big shout out to Campbell's Resort at the foot of Lake Chelan, who got us rooms and reserved parking even though they had high demand for the Hydroplane races the same weekend. If you've never been on a tour like this, I encourage you to grab your car keys, a cooler (for the wine!) and your honey and join us. Of course, there's a limit to number of participants because many of the smaller wineries can't accommodate groups this large. Dane managed to get 40 of us to stay together and not get lost. Well done to all! (Note that the album is currently using the not-yet-registered theme/skin; sorry for the heinous uglification)

Various 2008 photos

My first DSLRMy first DSLR: This is a large collection of photos, including Margot's birthday party, Exchange Christmas party, a trip to Bainbridge Island, my first DSLR macro series, and other stuff too. Some of my favorite macro shots are in here, located in the 180mm Macro gallery. Lots of time to setup and light, but they turned out nicely.

July 4th, 2008

Fourth of July FireworksFourth of July Fireworks: Margot and I were invited to a 4th of July party at Saluoa's place. There were lots and lots of French, a few Moroccan and even fewer native-born Americans there. But, almost everyone was either now a U.S. Citizen, or had just become one that day. It was a great patriotic treat you don't often get with a typical American celebration of the fourth. Saloua's tiny balcony held strong with nearly a dozen people on it, including me and my tripod-mounted DSLR. It has a great view of the north end of Lake Union. Most exposures were taken about 1/2 second or longer shutter speed. Because of the smoke and city lights, longer exposures, to catch longer falling fireworks arcs made for very light photos, where the smoke was nearly as bright as the fireworks themselves. I set the drive on continuous, and as each display started, just kept shooting until they were all gone.

Anne Debattista's PhD graduation party

14 June 201414 June 2014: We all had a fabulous time celebrating Mimi's new PhD in Nursing, Saturday evening at the Coyote Point Yacht Club. She was a bit shy about the exact title of her dissertation, but we can forgive that. Great food (even better desserts!), and lots of fun dancing to her brother's band. This album contains mostly photos of the guests with Anne. Enjoy! If you're interested in getting copies of the pictures without the watermark, just let me know, either on Facebook, or via email at thom@tctrandolph.com


Photos from some of the wonderful places on earth

Mountain and Road Bike Rides

The Northwest School of Mud BalletThe Northwest School of Mud Ballet: The Pacific Northwest has possibly the best terrain, widest variety and overall the most mountain biking trails. Within 25 miles of my house, there are easily 100 miles of wonderful in-forest twisty muddy trails. Yeah, you can also ride on the roads if you so desire. The photo albums here are a record of some of those rides in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Northern California.

France 2008

Our trip to France in October 2008: This is the long-awaited album of Margot and my vacation in France. It was wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about the place! The people were 99% kind and warm and friendly, the food was outstanding, the sights were indeed magnificent. No wonder everyone wants to go! Thank you to everyone who made our visit possible, our trip memorable, and our time in your country wonderful.

Lake Tahoe, California

The blue blue Lake Tahoe and surrounding areasThe blue blue Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas: Margot and I drove from Seattle, Washington down to Lake Tahoe, which is right on the border between Nevada and California, about 50 miles from Reno, NV. We went there so I could ride in the century ride around the lake, called America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride. This is my second time riding the AMBBR, and it is indeed a good ride; one of the easier centuries out there, even though there is something like 8000 feet of climbing. But, the weather is always wonderful and the lake is gorgeous. After the ride I always take the next day and go around the lake taking pictures.

Vashon Island Lavendar Festival

Purple Purple everywherePurple Purple everywhere: Margot and I spent a wonderfully warm day going out to Vashon Island to see the Lavender Festival. There is a much larger festival farther north, but this one had a certain small-town charm that seemed better to capture the feel of small farms on island rural Washington. This album includes photos from four different lavender farms, and the ferry rides back and forth from Seattle. On Vashon Island there is also an old elementary school gymnasium turned into a skate park, with some very nice graffiti outside. Inside too, but I didn't want to make the kids think we were taking their pictures, so we stayed outside. Well, that and the light was better.


Some of the very few portraiture work I've done

Family Photo Shoot

A first try at informal and formal group portraitureA first try at informal and formal group portraiture: It was my great pleasure to work with a family from work who wanted some less-than-formal photos of them and their children. So on a dry October day, Margot and I collected five bags of leaves, and I met the family and their two children at an undisclosed location and took some photos. Got a lot of exposures, got a bunch that were nice, and a few that turned out pretty good. Well, by my opinion anyway. Learned a LOT, and thanks a bunch to everyone for their patience and persevererence.

Margot in the studio

Light and fun portaitureLight and fun portaiture: This is my first sitting in the new studio area. To call it a studio is somewhat a stretch, to be sure. But, there's three rods to hang backdrops on, power outlets for lights, and what seems to be enough space to shoot from. Margot wanted to be my model for this first shooting, and just showed up today. Having the soft-boxes and smaller lights was great, as I was able to get good results right away, without many false-starts. Sure, they're not like some well-paid fashion photographer, but they came out pretty good considering this was my first attempt at lighting an actual human. There are a couple pictures of the setup here, because she wanted to show her mom what it looked like. Between the macro photogs I have gotten so far, and now this, I am pretty pleased.

Theresa WWU Graduation

June 9, 2012June 9, 2012: Theresa walked the stage at the Western Washington University graduation ceremony. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with emphasis on molecular biology, with minors in Chemistry and Classical Studies. She and I also walked around parts of campus, getting some shots at places she spent her years here. Congratulations, Theresa!


Stuff, items and groupings of stuff and items

Other Things

A collection of random things I find around me: Sometimes, those random shots turn out pretty interesting. Ever find yourself sitting in front of a roaring fire, with the chill in your body finally melting away, and that fire is just the most fascinating thing you've ever seen? If you're at all like me, your thoughts inevitably turn to the question of how to capture the essence of that fire in a photo. Or how about the rust on a huge Caterpillar dump bucket? These are just some of the things you'll find in here. It's a grab-bag for sure, but some are also pretty cool.

M5 Meetup, 28 April 2012

A fun morning seeing so many ///M5 beastsA fun morning seeing so many ///M5 beasts: Six of us, and a heavily modded 550 showed up at Redmond Town Center, in Redmond, WA. The big exotic car group didn't show up, since there was a threat of rain. No matter, we were there, and took some time to chat, meet the other Seattle M5 heroes, and listen to the exhaust notes among the offerings. We had two Interlagos Blue, one Silverstone, Sapphire Black, Space Gray, and an Alpine White, in various vintages, all E60's. Then we headed over to a grassy parking lot at Marymoor Park, also in Redmond, and took the pix you see here. Thanks everyone for coming out, and thanks to Killer-Bimmer for getting this idea going. Feel free to contact me (thom5, thom@tctrandolph.com) if you want an image of your car without the watermark, or if you're interested in prints or even a photo shoot of your favorite ///M.

Roaring Fireplace

This should keep you warmThis should keep you warm: The winter arrived a bit early, with a week of sub-freezing temperatures here in Seattle. What better way to enjoy a quiet Sunday indoors than to trim the Christmas tree, and take a nap next to a nice hot fire. Except that with all that fire, I couldn't let it go to waste. So out came the camera, and click click went the shutter. They're not all THAT spectacular, but instead they're only okay.

Random Things

A bunch of cool stuffA bunch of cool stuff: Lacking a clearly cohesive or binding subject, these photos represent the height of oddity. The sublime serendipity of everyday like and thought, that produces flashes of brilliance, well hidden among overpoweringly bright banality. Yup, these are hopefully some of nice flashes.

Plants and Flowers

The more-organic side of my collection of things

Backyard adventures

Plants and other life right around my housePlants and other life right around my house: Okay, so I don't really have a "yard" out back. But, I have a forest and a small stream that forms a pond, and lots and lots of trees and other interesting wet-area vegetation. Like flies, and fungus, and moss and Douglas Firs (not really a Fir, by the way). The sun comes through the trees gloriously in the early morning, and the green leave in springtime are just amazing.

Playing with Flowers

Flowers and floral arrangementsFlowers and floral arrangements: One of the things I really enjoy on a quiet Sunday afternoon is going to the local flower shop, getting a bunch of seasonal flowers, and seeing what interesting images I can get with them. Be it pink or yellow roses, Iris', Mums or Chrysanthemums, it's always fun to work with the lighting, backdrops, other props and camera settings to get that just amazing image. Plus, who can beat the saintly patience of these models? However, I do sometimes wonder about the human fascination with plant reproductive organs!

Bellevue Botanical Garden, March 2008

Flowers by the mile, trees by the bucketFlowers by the mile, trees by the bucket: I've always like the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, in Bellevue, Washington. They're not huge or famous, and they don't have a million varieties of roses. But they do have a wide variety of seasonal flowers, plants, grasses and trees in a nice setting, reasonably close to home. And, there are few enough people there that I can take my time. Indeed, I take so much time that Margot gets completely bored if we go together. The photos here took probably 15 hours total over a few days! But many turned out pretty well, in my opinion.

Seattle Spring and Fall 2008

Various photo excursions around SeattleVarious photo excursions around Seattle: These are some photos taken around Seattle: the UW arboretum and Japanese garden, Wilburton Park in Bellevue, and the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. Plenty of flaming-red Japanese Maples in the early autumn too!

Yeah, I know what you're wondering: why didn't he just use SmutMug or Flaker or some other commercial site? Well, the reasons are many, but mostly boil down to control.

I just wanted to have a site that people didn't have to stumble over ads and offers to print photos, or a long line of people saying "awesome pix, dude!." I didn't want to have their domain name or logo a part of my site, and I didn't want to care what their terms of use did or didn't say. I wanted to be able to try out different display styles and methods as the mood struck me, or even as one set of photos might demand. Not everything is a work of fine art that calls for an all-black background, and not all my useful photos are exquisite works of art. Sometimes they're just snapshots I've posted for friends and family to see.

So, I've created a simple, flexible site with just the photos. Most if not all the individual albums are created using the jAlbum software and its many skins. It's very inexpensive, and just powerful enough for my needs so far.

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