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Plants and Flowers

The more-organic side of my collection of things

Backyard adventures

Plants and other life right around my housePlants and other life right around my house: Okay, so I don't really have a "yard" out back. But, I have a forest and a small stream that forms a pond, and lots and lots of trees and other interesting wet-area vegetation. Like flies, and fungus, and moss and Douglas Firs (not really a Fir, by the way). The sun comes through the trees gloriously in the early morning, and the green leave in springtime are just amazing.

Playing with Flowers

Flowers and floral arrangementsFlowers and floral arrangements: One of the things I really enjoy on a quiet Sunday afternoon is going to the local flower shop, getting a bunch of seasonal flowers, and seeing what interesting images I can get with them. Be it pink or yellow roses, Iris', Mums or Chrysanthemums, it's always fun to work with the lighting, backdrops, other props and camera settings to get that just amazing image. Plus, who can beat the saintly patience of these models? However, I do sometimes wonder about the human fascination with plant reproductive organs!

Bellevue Botanical Garden, March 2008

Flowers by the mile, trees by the bucketFlowers by the mile, trees by the bucket: I've always like the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, in Bellevue, Washington. They're not huge or famous, and they don't have a million varieties of roses. But they do have a wide variety of seasonal flowers, plants, grasses and trees in a nice setting, reasonably close to home. And, there are few enough people there that I can take my time. Indeed, I take so much time that Margot gets completely bored if we go together. The photos here took probably 15 hours total over a few days! But many turned out pretty well, in my opinion.

Seattle Spring and Fall 2008

Various photo excursions around SeattleVarious photo excursions around Seattle: These are some photos taken around Seattle: the UW arboretum and Japanese garden, Wilburton Park in Bellevue, and the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. Plenty of flaming-red Japanese Maples in the early autumn too!

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