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Some of the very few portraiture work I've done

Family Photo Shoot

A first try at informal and formal group portraitureA first try at informal and formal group portraiture: It was my great pleasure to work with a family from work who wanted some less-than-formal photos of them and their children. So on a dry October day, Margot and I collected five bags of leaves, and I met the family and their two children at an undisclosed location and took some photos. Got a lot of exposures, got a bunch that were nice, and a few that turned out pretty good. Well, by my opinion anyway. Learned a LOT, and thanks a bunch to everyone for their patience and persevererence.

Margot in the studio

Light and fun portaitureLight and fun portaiture: This is my first sitting in the new studio area. To call it a studio is somewhat a stretch, to be sure. But, there's three rods to hang backdrops on, power outlets for lights, and what seems to be enough space to shoot from. Margot wanted to be my model for this first shooting, and just showed up today. Having the soft-boxes and smaller lights was great, as I was able to get good results right away, without many false-starts. Sure, they're not like some well-paid fashion photographer, but they came out pretty good considering this was my first attempt at lighting an actual human. There are a couple pictures of the setup here, because she wanted to show her mom what it looked like. Between the macro photogs I have gotten so far, and now this, I am pretty pleased.

Theresa WWU Graduation

June 9, 2012June 9, 2012: Theresa walked the stage at the Western Washington University graduation ceremony. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with emphasis on molecular biology, with minors in Chemistry and Classical Studies. She and I also walked around parts of campus, getting some shots at places she spent her years here. Congratulations, Theresa!

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