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Other Things

A collection of random things I find around me: Sometimes, those random shots turn out pretty interesting. Ever find yourself sitting in front of a roaring fire, with the chill in your body finally melting away, and that fire is just the most fascinating thing you've ever seen? If you're at all like me, your thoughts inevitably turn to the question of how to capture the essence of that fire in a photo. Or how about the rust on a huge Caterpillar dump bucket? These are just some of the things you'll find in here. It's a grab-bag for sure, but some are also pretty cool.

M5 Meetup, 28 April 2012

A fun morning seeing so many ///M5 beastsA fun morning seeing so many ///M5 beasts: Six of us, and a heavily modded 550 showed up at Redmond Town Center, in Redmond, WA. The big exotic car group didn't show up, since there was a threat of rain. No matter, we were there, and took some time to chat, meet the other Seattle M5 heroes, and listen to the exhaust notes among the offerings. We had two Interlagos Blue, one Silverstone, Sapphire Black, Space Gray, and an Alpine White, in various vintages, all E60's. Then we headed over to a grassy parking lot at Marymoor Park, also in Redmond, and took the pix you see here. Thanks everyone for coming out, and thanks to Killer-Bimmer for getting this idea going. Feel free to contact me (thom5, thom@tctrandolph.com) if you want an image of your car without the watermark, or if you're interested in prints or even a photo shoot of your favorite ///M.

Roaring Fireplace

This should keep you warmThis should keep you warm: The winter arrived a bit early, with a week of sub-freezing temperatures here in Seattle. What better way to enjoy a quiet Sunday indoors than to trim the Christmas tree, and take a nap next to a nice hot fire. Except that with all that fire, I couldn't let it go to waste. So out came the camera, and click click went the shutter. They're not all THAT spectacular, but instead they're only okay.

Random Things

A bunch of cool stuffA bunch of cool stuff: Lacking a clearly cohesive or binding subject, these photos represent the height of oddity. The sublime serendipity of everyday like and thought, that produces flashes of brilliance, well hidden among overpoweringly bright banality. Yup, these are hopefully some of nice flashes.

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