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Holidays and other events with family and friends

Northwest BMW Motorfest 2011

The second-annual Motorfest, presented by the BMW CCA Oregon ChapterThe second-annual Motorfest, presented by the BMW CCA Oregon Chapter: The drive this year was amazing with 170 miles of wonderful Washington and Oregon roads with lots of twisties. The gathering at Blitz Ladd was a great time too, with all the vehicles on display, great raffle prizes, our favorite charity on hand, and the great friends we havve come to know and love. Enjoy the pictures, and remember to click More Photos... in the lower-left corner to see all of them.

Northwest BMW Motorfest 2013

Friends and cars and driving, 10 August 2013Friends and cars and driving, 10 August 2013: Portlands Premier festival of BMW fun brought out the Bimmers, even with the touch of rain beforehand. The fun was at the Portland Brewing Company, and next year we expect to use the same venue. This year, I concentrated on getting close and intimate with the cars, using my wonderful Sigma 180mm f3.5 macro lens. Hope you enjoy the shots, and my apologies if I attributed the shots wrong. Let me know if I got anything wrong. Also, if you want any of them printed, or in the huge original sizes, send an e-mail (thom@tctrandolph.com), or find me on Facebook (Thom Randolph). No charge unless you want a print or canvas. And I do canvas goooood, way better than Costco or the like.

Mount Saint Helens Drive, Sept 2013

BMW CCA Oregon drive to Mount Saint HelensBMW CCA Oregon drive to Mount Saint Helens: An awesome drive up to Mt. St. Helens' Windy Ridge: just enough rain and wet pavement to keep the pace sane, but not so much we didn't all have a blast. I was blown away on the drive...literally every single vehicle we ran up on pulled over and let the group of 14 cars pass. Every one. Even the Prius. Great fun with people who love their cars.

Tae Kwon Do photo shoot, 22 April 2012

Troy Rand and Pierce ThompsonTroy Rand and Pierce Thompson: In a first for me, Troy and Pierce willingly let me have them run through quite a few punches, kick and jumps. Bob Bunn (thanks!) helped me throughout the day with full studio lighting at the Phillips Tae Kwon Do Center in Maple Valley, WA. We took lots and lots of photos, with these being the best of them. Troy and Pierce were great subjects, very cooperative, and with lots of youthful stamina, if maybe not quite enough pent up anger; probably better for him. It was a great learning experience for us all, and loads of fun...given the huge amount of work!

Evergreen State BBQ Championship

Sugar's BBQ amazing foodSugar's BBQ amazing food: Got a little closer to that awesome cooking by Lynnae Oxley today, at the Evergreen State BBQ Championship, on 29 April 2012. Lots of fun, good eatin', and a whole mess of photos. If I've never said so, gotta give a thanks to that 180mm macro lens from Sigma...Amazing stuff with excellent standoff distance.

Northern California Road Trip

Driving Ms. MoniqueDriving Ms. Monique: In December 2011 and early January 2012 I drove Monique down to San Francisco area and back. Wow that fun that was!

Microsoft Giving Campaign 2011

Photos taken on some recent beautiful days near Seattle and Mount RainierPhotos taken on some recent beautiful days near Seattle and Mount Rainier: Fine-Art Prints of these images are being offered for the Microsoft Giving Campaign 2011. These are all high-resolution images that show stunning detail and clarity, and evoke the beautiful character of our Pacific Northwest. Perfect to hang on your own walls, and especially as holiday gifts for your loved ones, they are printed on museum-quality papers. Framed under glass, the paper and inks are rated for 80+ years light-fastness. These signed prints are sized for use in a 24x18 inch frame, and include simulated mat and caption. They were captured and printed especially for the Microsoft Giving Campaign 2011 by Thom Randolph (thomr@microsoft.com).

BMW Lake Chelan Wine Tour, 2011

BMW CCA Puget Sound; Lake Chelan Wine Tour, 2011BMW CCA Puget Sound; Lake Chelan Wine Tour, 2011: A truly wonderful weekend of driving, friends, great wine and food. The weather cooperated for the most part, with just a little rain Sunday morning. A big thanks to Dane, our leader, and all the others who helped. A big shout out to Campbell's Resort at the foot of Lake Chelan, who got us rooms and reserved parking even though they had high demand for the Hydroplane races the same weekend. If you've never been on a tour like this, I encourage you to grab your car keys, a cooler (for the wine!) and your honey and join us. Of course, there's a limit to number of participants because many of the smaller wineries can't accommodate groups this large. Dane managed to get 40 of us to stay together and not get lost. Well done to all! (Note that the album is currently using the not-yet-registered theme/skin; sorry for the heinous uglification)

Various 2008 photos

My first DSLRMy first DSLR: This is a large collection of photos, including Margot's birthday party, Exchange Christmas party, a trip to Bainbridge Island, my first DSLR macro series, and other stuff too. Some of my favorite macro shots are in here, located in the 180mm Macro gallery. Lots of time to setup and light, but they turned out nicely.

July 4th, 2008

Fourth of July FireworksFourth of July Fireworks: Margot and I were invited to a 4th of July party at Saluoa's place. There were lots and lots of French, a few Moroccan and even fewer native-born Americans there. But, almost everyone was either now a U.S. Citizen, or had just become one that day. It was a great patriotic treat you don't often get with a typical American celebration of the fourth. Saloua's tiny balcony held strong with nearly a dozen people on it, including me and my tripod-mounted DSLR. It has a great view of the north end of Lake Union. Most exposures were taken about 1/2 second or longer shutter speed. Because of the smoke and city lights, longer exposures, to catch longer falling fireworks arcs made for very light photos, where the smoke was nearly as bright as the fireworks themselves. I set the drive on continuous, and as each display started, just kept shooting until they were all gone.

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